How I Got Into Crochet

I learned the basics of crochet in primary school home ec, and to be honest I wasn't a fan. I found it tedious and boring and unending. I didn't know about patterns or stitching or anything really. My teacher sucked.

Fast forward to 2010. I'd just finished grad school and was job hunting. I needed something to fill my time. I don't remember why I decided to revisit crochet but I think I wanted to make a gift for someone. So I started a really ambitious project and it didn't take long for me to realise that my rudimentary skills wouldn't cut it. So I took to YouTube and a whole new world opened up for me.

After lots of research and false starts, I made this:

I was so proud of my efforts. Then my life moved on and I abandoned crochet for a few years.

I took up crochet again when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Some of my friends were also pregnant at the same time. I just loved the idea of our little ones wearing something I'd made with all the love in my heart. 

To get back into crochet, I started with a huge blanket for my husband. It took weeks to complete but was worth it in the end. It was very physically draining especially in my prego state so I won't be doing anything that ambitious for a while.

When that was done, I made blankets for my friends' babies:

Then I made these for my daughter:

I could be wrong but I think she likes them...

After making all these blankets I was hooked on crochet again. Now I'm working on wearable items like sweaters, scarves and hats. I'm currently working on a circle scarf based on a pattern I found on this gorgeous crochet blog All About Ami. I have modified the pattern slightly to make a longer scarf and will post pictures when it's finished. I hope I get good enough to post my own tutorials one day. 

I'm currently on maternity leave so I have time on my hands (when the boss lady allows). Looks like the fam will be getting handmade stuff for Christmas this year :)


The New New

It's been a very long time since I wrote here...

If you followed me in the past, you'll notice that my blog is empty and all my old posts are gone.

Why you ask?

In life we go through phases, stages, metamorphoses... we grow and change. Our priorities and passions change.

There have been so many changes in my life since I last wrote here, far too many to go into detail about. Here are a few of the major changes:

1. I moved again, this time to England
2. I am no longer obsessed with blogging about natural hair so I'm done with LITK (you can still check out the archives)
3. I got married
4. I had a baby

At the moment I'm on maternity leave and will be for a while, so I guess I'm kind of a stay at home mom? Evidently, my priorities are different now. I took the old posts down as I don't feel that they reflect this new me. I finally consider myself grown up (but not really hehe) and want to talk about grown up things... well the things that are relevant to me at this stage of my life.

I've no idea what kind of blog this will be.... how about we just don't label it and go with the flow?

Mrs Fizzy.