They Call Me Boss Lady...

...actually that's what I call my daughter. She's an incredible little girl, but bossy as anything. She definitely doesn't get that from me *grin*

I'm seriously sucking at this blogging business. Mea culpa to anyone who still follows. I do have good reasons though. There's the whole being a mom and wife thing and the new business I've started.

So being a stay at home mum was never on my agenda. I liked banking and wanted to see just how far I could go. Then boss lady came and I fell very very hard for her. Like so hard. And then I got really paranoid. It's crazy difficult to trust people with your kids ya know? I've had to stop watching the news because I can't see kids get hurt. Remember the scene in For Colored Girls with the kids...? I cried for 3 hours straight after that scene and never finished the movie. It still hurts my heart when I remember it... and that's fiction.

So I needed to figure out a way to earn a living and be at home with my kid. So I thought, "hey, I could work for myself!"

It took me a few months to figure out what I wanted to do but I knew it had to be something creative. Because I like making stuff.

Giant paper flowers I made for the Boss's nursery
Like a lot...

More handmade stuff

Then it hit me: I could make stationery! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, You know when you find what you're meant to do and everything just clicks?? I had in the past made the stationery for my wedding, my sister in law's engagement party, my daughter's christening and a bunch of other stuff... you'd think I would have figured it out sooner.

So that's what I do now. I design stationery for weddings and other events and I'm studying graphic design on the side. And I get to hang with the boss all day and make pretty things. So if you're getting married or having a party hit me up or find us on Facebook. I'm also currently obsessed with Instagram and glitter.

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