Baby Wearing: Babylonia Tricotti Sling Review

Before I had my baby girl, I didn't really give a thought to the kind of parenting style I would apply. I didn't even know that there were different styles. My plan was just to love my baby with all my heart and learn along the way.

Somehow over the last few months, it seems I have stumbled into some kind of attachment parenting hybrid. I never intended to but you kind of have to go with the flow if you want any sleep and peace of mind. Babies just won't work to your schedule or follow any laid out plans. So I co-sleep as it's the only way she'll sleep for a significant amount of time, I breast fed exclusively for 6 months as she would not take a bottle, and I baby wear. The baby wearing is for me though as I love cuddling with my little lovey. Don't worry she likes it too.

There are many benefits to baby wearing, one of which is having your hands free to get stuff done. When your baby is going through a clingy phase or a growth spurt, baby wearing will help you keep your sanity. Oh and if you're really good, you can actually breast feed while doing other things.

We currently own 4 slings. Some I love, some not so much. The first one I bought was the Babylonia Tricotti Sling.

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This one I love! Ok this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few months and at the initial time of writing, I did not love it. In fact I was planning to give it away. But then I gave it another shot and loved it. I bought it from John Lewis but I don't think they stock it anymore :(

I tried to use it like the lady on the right but Boss Lady and I found it super uncomfortable. When she was a few months older and had better head control (and I had lost the baby weight), I tried it like the guy on the left and we loved it! Thanks to this sling, I have both hands free to get stuff done, while dealing with a clingy whiny little boss. It's been a total lifesaver.

It's basically two loops of thick, stretchy fabric that you cross over your torso and you pop the baby in. Finito! It comes with instructions for use and you can probably find a YouTube video explaining it, but it really is that easy. It's also very secure and snug.

It comes in different sizes and you're advised to pick one based on your size and not the baby's size. I'm about 5'9 and a UK size 12 and I got a medium size. Boss Lady still fits in it perfectly at 7 months (she's a big baby). I use it when we go out and I can't be bothered with a pushchair, around the house while doing chores ( I never learned to "back" a baby :( ), and when we travel by plane.

If you're looking for an easy, handsfree, baby carrying solution, I totally recommend the Tricotti.

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