The New New

It's been a very long time since I wrote here...

If you followed me in the past, you'll notice that my blog is empty and all my old posts are gone.

Why you ask?

In life we go through phases, stages, metamorphoses... we grow and change. Our priorities and passions change.

There have been so many changes in my life since I last wrote here, far too many to go into detail about. Here are a few of the major changes:

1. I moved again, this time to England
2. I am no longer obsessed with blogging about natural hair so I'm done with LITK (you can still check out the archives)
3. I got married
4. I had a baby

At the moment I'm on maternity leave and will be for a while, so I guess I'm kind of a stay at home mom? Evidently, my priorities are different now. I took the old posts down as I don't feel that they reflect this new me. I finally consider myself grown up (but not really hehe) and want to talk about grown up things... well the things that are relevant to me at this stage of my life.

I've no idea what kind of blog this will be.... how about we just don't label it and go with the flow?

Mrs Fizzy.


mizchif said...

Oh wow.
Seems like not that long ago you were blogging about natural hair perceptions in Lagos and then planning your move and now a mummy!!!


ALl the best in this new grown upness.

Mrs Fizzy said...

@mizchif I know... a lot has happened, but thank God it's all good changes. How are you? I'm gonna hop over to your blog now. Thanks for visiting :)

Bumper said...

Lol...I used to wish you would come to England to do a natural hair meet up. Now that you're finally here, sadly 'natural hair' is no longer your thing to blog about.

Congratulations on getting married and the birth of your daughter. Is your husband from the UK (just wondering why you moved here)?

Mrs Fizzy said...

@Bumper Thank you! and yes he is. I;ll still be checking out natural hair events in the UK so no worries. Hopefully I'll bump into you at one of them :)